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  • Amplitude:
    the height of the wave, measured in meters.

  • Wavelength:
    the distance between adjacent crests, measured in  meters.

  • Period:
    the time it takes for one  complete wave to pass a given point, measured in  seconds.

  • Frequency:
    the number of complete waves that pass a point in one second, measured in  inverse seconds, or Hertz     (Hz).

  • Speed:
    the horizontal speed of a point on a wave as it propagates, measured in  meters / second.

  • Phase:          
    The time at which a wave passes     through a specified displacement at a  specified point in space. A common     specification is the time at which the  wave disturbance is exactly zero     and moving in the positive  direction.

·       Polarized light: light wave that vibrate in one direction